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I read this today and found it deeply provocative. Thought I would share and see what you all thought:

"On the day of judgment, God will surely scold us in these terms: 'Since you saw that on earth all is vicious and criminal why did you lose yourselves on the road of virtue? The perpetual disasters which I, God, have imposed upon the universe, how could they fail to convince you that I love only disorder? Every day I supplied you with examples of destruction, so why did you not destroy? Imbeciles! Why did you not imitate me?'


It is an interesting concept, is it not? Of course, the Bible argues for and against a vengeful God. These days God is a benevolent being. Yet, it wasn't so long ago that brimfire and hell were the calling cards of the Christian faith. Yet, I think this quote moves beyond that, to make you question. If God is all powerful, all knowing, would he not prevent the calamities that befall us? Why create tornadoes that destroy entire towns, Tsunamis that wipe out entire islands, earthquakes that devastate the vulnerable, plagues and sickness that bring down the weak and mighty alike, crazed gunman that kill innocent children. We could surely point and say that these are the works of the devil but wouldn't that be the same as saying the devil is more powerful; that God has no power to balance out the hand of evil?

I find especially interesting the phrase "road of virtue". We associate this phrase as meaning to live a life full of goodness and morality. Yet here, the phrase implies just the opposite.


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Posted on 01:13PM on Apr 11th, 2013
The Bible depicts a god who is violent, but only as punishment for straying off the road of virtue. So the passage above makes no sense to me and is kind of trollish.

In any case I think natural disasters and evil people are not god's direct work, they are just a result of how the cookie crumbled after innumerable factors and events interacted. Same thing for happy accidents.
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